Dear PMI Hong Kong Members,

PMI Hong Kong Chapter had completed the Call-for-Nomination for the sixteen (16) Executive Committee members to serve in the Chapter Board, with Nomination formally closed on 8 March 2013. Totally, 16 nomination forms were received for 16 positions. Election Committee had reviewed and confirmed the eligibility of the candidates.

According to chapter handbook, chapter 3.5, “If there is only 1 candidate for any position of the Board of Directors, the candidate will be declared elected without the need of going through the Election Process.” The Election Committee is pleased to confirm these 16 candidates without undergoing the usual Election Process. For details of the sixteen (16) Executive Committee candidates , please click here.
Dear PMI Members,

In 2013, members of the PMI Hong Kong Chapter (PMIHK) will elect sixteen (16) Executive Committees to serve as the PMIHK Board for a two-year term, from April 2013 to May 2015.

The nomination deadline is on 8 Mar 2013. Please grap the chance to nominate eligible PMIHK Chapter members you considered are capable to succeed in the positions.

Please click to reference the Call for Nominations for duties of the Executive Committee members.

You are invited to email the completed Nomination Form together with a biographical statement by the Nominee, in MS word format, to the Nomination Committee Chair (ncchair@pmi.org.hk) by 8 Mar 2013.

For enquiry, please call our Admin Office at 2784-1880 or e-mail to ncchair@pmi.org.hk.

Looking forward to hearing from you SOON!

Best Regards,

Patty WONG

Election Committee Chair 2013

PMIHK Chapter