The main project aims to promote international project management standards and best practices in Hong Kong and to increase the competitiveness of Hong Kong project management practitioners in the Pearl River Delta area. This project composes of two major components and the objectives are:


-      To evaluate project management competency of HK companies with production facilities in Pearl River Delta through the use of a project management competency assessment tool


-      To establish a network of Hong Kong project management practitioners in the Pearl River Delta area for the purposes of project management experience sharing and problem solving via an electronic discussion forum at





We have received significant supports from both the public sector and the professional sectors in the Project Management Assessment and e-Forum and with the participation result as follow:


-      211 project management assessment participants with 36% of the them are certified project management professional


-      438 electronic discussion forum participants with 172 mentorship service participants, as of 15 November 2007





In the analysis of the Project Management Competency in Hong Kong, it is found that the PM competencies have been gradually strengthened in the past few years. However, the finding might indicated that project management practitioners both have not acquired enough project management knowledge as well as have not practiced enough of what they should have learnt as a professional project manager. Such a finding may be as a result of 64% of responding project manager not receiving any formal training. The PMI Hong Kong Chapter will provide intensive basic and advanced project management training to the PM practitioners in Hong Kong/China.


Mentors, mentees and general members actively share their project management experience and knowledge in the electronic discussion forum, there are over 1,200 discussion threads of over 150 topics posted in the forum in the past few months. Feedback survey carried out in November 2007 indicated that 97% responded members are able to find some relevant information they are looking for and 72% respondents will recommend the forum to other people.





Many discussion topics demonstrate the electronic discussion forum is an effective platform for members to exchange their project management problems and experience in both Hong Kong and mainland China. Survey feedback also indicates that members value the information they obtain from the forum very much. The ěProject Management Competency Development Assessmentî has provided valuable information for PMI to design suitable training programs and activities for enhancement of the competency of project management practitioners.


In summary, by implementing the project, the Project Management Institute Hong Kong Chapter is able to promote international project management standards and best practices in Hong Kong, enabling increase the competitiveness improvements of Hong Kong project management practitioners in the Hong Kong/China, and to strengthen future project management leadersí values and confidence in the project management profession.







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