Personal Time Management for Project Managers
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Date: 2018-09-29
Time: 9:30am - 5:30pm
Venue: Room 408-9, Fortress Tower, 250 King's Road, North Point, Hong Kong
PDU: 7
Speaker: Mr. Paul Mau
PMI-HK Member: HKD 1,800
Non-PMI-HK Member: HKD 2,100
Status: Available
For Registration, please contact the secretary at info@pmi.org.hk, thank you.

One of the most repeated phrases you will hear in offices up and down the country is "we don't have enough time" - to which the response is often "work harder!" - Leading to overtime, stress - and often a poorly done job! It seems that the project managers have to work 24 x 7 in getting project success. Is there any strategy of adjustments to work and life that allows you to feel your responsibilities as project manager and key team player in the family are under control? This personal time management and work life integration training course is designed to help project manager develop their skills in time management to achieve more effective results in less time. Work-Life Integration is one of the most discussed subjects recently. Some say it is impossible, and some say it's vital to the success of a business. Regardless, the first step to achieving it, is to understand what it is and how it helps.

Course Objectives
The workshop will realize the benefits:
  • Clarify and prioritize your objectives and goals, by creating more planning time.
  • Recognize the variety of causes of procrastination and apply relevant techniques to overcome these.
  • Adopt appropriate strategies for dealing with interruptions and anything else which 'steals' your time.
  • Best practices integrating the work, family, and other part of our life
The topics will cover the following:
  • Key issues of Work-Life Integration and the management of urgent and important matters
  • Identify your own priorities on particular time wasters and adopt strategies for reducing them such as overcoming procrastination techniques.
  • Dealing with interruptions from key project stakeholders
    • Setup you boundaries with a nice way
    • Managing the pressures of you stakeholders
    • Different ways to say 'No'
  • Work-family conflict and facilitations
  • Other best practices for better work and life Integration
  • Project Managers, Team Leaders
  • People who don't have enough time
  • PMPs aiming at gaining PDUs
  • Interactive Classroom Instructions
  • Group Discussions
  • Video and clips sharing

Instructor's Profile - Dr. h.c. Paul Mau, Ex-Vice President, PMIHK
FPMIHK, PMP, CPIT(PD), ACA(Prof.), FAAAP, AAMFT(Pre-Clinical Fellow), APCPA(Registered Clinical Supervisor)

Paul is a seasoned corporate trainer, consultant, and a Family Therapist. Paul has got more than 20 years of PM experiences and taken key positions in HP SAR Limited. He has served PMIHK for about 15 years and delivered PMP Training since 2001. Paul has also provided psychotherapy services more than 12 years. Recently, he is an adjunct faculty and a clinical supervisor of the “Master of Art in Professional Counselling” degree under Olivet Nazarene University and HKICC as well as a HKU part-time lecturer. He has also conducted workshops and seminars including the psychological aspects of the management; interpersonal skills; workplace stress management; PM’s EQ Series; Psychological Management in Organization Change for OCGIO, and so on. Participants of these workshops/seminars came from ICT, consulting, banking & securities, construction, manufacturers, clinicians, university staffs & lecturers, NGOs, PMIHK, HKIB, and so on.