Unleashing the Power of the PMBOK® Guide
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Date: 2018-06-30
Time: 9:30am - 5:30pm
Venue: TBC
PDU: 7
Speaker: Mr. Alex Sin
Language: Cantonese / English
PMI-HK Member: HKD 1,500
Non-PMI-HK Member: HKD 1,800
Status: Available

Project professionals may study the PMBOK® Guide for examination purpose rather than using it in projects. Towards the release of the Sixth Edition of the PMBOK® Guide, project managers may be still not sure how to practice the methodology. There requires a lateral approach to interpret the methodology and convert it into daily practice. This workshop will help project stakeholders decode the PMBOK® Guide and maximize its values.
It’s no doubt that project managers are required to work under tremendous pressure in projects. It’s even worse when you dislike the project. When the project is fully under your control, people will expect you to do more, better and faster. In both cases, you will easily lose your interest and direction. Finally, the only reason that you are still doing the project is because you cannot escape. If you cannot convince yourself “why you are doing the project”, how can you convince others?

Course Objectives
This workshop is divided into two 2 parts. The first part aims to provide practical guidance on helping project stakeholders to decode the PMBOK® Guide and maximize its values. Participants will study the key terms that are difficult to understand or implement. In the workshop, participants will view the PMBOK® Guide very differently and apply it in live projects.
In the second part, you will further investigate “why you are doing the project” and skills required to convince others to help on. We believe that only a happy project manager can deliver a high quality project. A project manager is also expected to self manage properly in order to maximize the team effort and talents. In a project, it’s very common to manage team members who are not reporting to you. When you fail to manage yourself, how can you manage others? How good your team performs actually depends on how good you are. We will investigate the self-management skills to make us more effective and confident. In the past, we only care about how to run the project during project life cycle. What do we do before and after the project? Self-management is an ongoing process. Therefore, we need to learn the process of maximizing our time and talents to achieve goals based on a value system, not simply time management. Hence, the skills that can comfort ourselves and prevent job burnout are very important to all project managers.

The course will cover the following contents:
  • The key success factors of a project from the PMBOK® Guide
  • The sideways interpretation of the features of the PMBOK® Guide
  • Re-visit - What is a Project? What is project management?
  • Tips sharing on major knowledge areas
  • How to identify a problem project at the beginning
  • How to give yourself the upper hand
  • How to recover from a problem project under pressure
  • How to spend resources more wisely
  • How to motivate others without authority
  • The development processes of the WBS and Gantt Chart
  • Milestones development and management
  • Re-visit time blockers
Upon completion of the course, attendants will be able to:
  • Gain knowledge to decode and maximize the values of the PMBOK® Guide
  • Learn to understand the key terms that are difficult to understand or implement
  • Able to interpret the methodology and convert it into daily practice
  • Gain the practical skill in applying the techniques to real life projects
  • Project Managers
  • PMPs aiming at gaining PDU
  • People who would like to uplift their skills with the PMBOK® Guide
  • For non-PMP®, who wants to know about the PMBOK® Guide, the application or plan to take the PMP® Examination
  • Lecture and group discussion
  • Interactive Classroom Instruction
  • Small Group Exercises

Instructor’s Profile - Mr. Alex Sin, PMP®, PMI-ACP®

Alex Sin is an independent consultant with more than 24 years of IT experience with expertise in Consulting, Project Management and Training. While at Hewlett-Packard HK SAR Limited in the previous 10 years, Alex Sin was the Learning and Development Manager and a certified instructor in a number of training including Negotiation, Consulting and Management Development. Alex is certified as a ITIL/ITSM Manager, well equipped with Methodology to deliver IT Consulting. He is also a practitioner of PDI, MBTI and DISC well-known consulting tools.

Alex enriched his Project Management experience from large scaled projects like Libraries, Electrical and Mechanical Services Department and Companies Registry. Alex shifted his role to business manager in 1995 and was dual-hatted as the Outsourcing Manager in charge of Home PC Call Centre. Since Y2K, he dedicated himself to Learning and Development and developed a number of professionals in the Greater China.

Alex is the current Vice President Young PM Development at Project Management Institute Hong Kong Chapter. Alex graduated from The University of Toronto with major in Computer Sciences and Mathematics.